Welcome to the Fort Bend MUD 25 Quality of Life Improvement Planning (QLIP) program!  The QLIP is composed of MUD 25 resident volunteers who believe in developing Green Space in our communities as a way to create and maintain a united district identity through the “Master Park Plan”.  The Master Park Plan is a great case study showing what individual residents can do for their community in partnership with local government. 

In response to calls and requests from local residents, a comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan for the District (the “Master Park Plan”) was created in 2011 by a resident-driven committee of volunteers.  The plan, created with input from the volunteer committee members, was designed to be a guide for the implementation of parks and landscaping projects for the community.  The plan will continue to serve as a guide as we move forward with implementing the parks and trails projects. 

Composed of MUD 25 resident volunteers, the QLIP Committee was established in May 2013.  Their goal was to identify and prioritize projects into short and long-term goals to be completed over the course of 10 bond-years.  Utilizing resident input , the QLIP was able to prioritize  the projects under consideration to help create a visually pleasant and pedestrian friendly community.  The proposed projects and priorities included improving infrastructure, appearance, landscaping and improved or enhanced recreational opportunities. 

The QLIP committee maintains committed to promoting and maintaining a healthy, vibrant, safe community with focus on a high quality of life for all MUD 25 district residents. 

Completion of Phase 1 of the Master Park Plan, which included landscaping down Old Richmond and beautification of the medians on 1464, was completed. 

Phase 2 of the Master Park Plan begins. 

The QLIP committee will be focused on 2 segments of trail development:

1) Garcia Middle School to Red Gully
This segment of the trail will run down Old Richmond from Garcia Middle School to Red Gully.  It will include a Pedestrian Beacon between Stratford Park and Summerfield, which will allow safe passage of students and residents to/from Garcia Middle School and the District Trail system.

2) Red Gully Trail
This segment of trail will travel down both sides of Red Gully and connect to the existing sidewalks and trailhead in Pheasant Creek. 


Exhibit view

With Phase 2 well underway their is a new crosswalk with a pedestrian beacon for everyones safety is being installed. Installation of the HAWK system is underway.

HAWK explanation and how to use this new feature can be seen here.


August 16th, 2017

Phase 2 Garcia Middle School and Red Gully trails and pedestrian beacon are in progress now. You may have noticed all of the construction along Old Richmond near Garcia Middle School. Crews are working hard and progressing quickly.

Learn how to use the new Crosswalk Beacon system called Hawk! This new crosswalk will be at Old Richmond Road and Pecan Acres Drive, at the entrances to Stratford Park and Summerfield.

Pocket Parks are in the design phase for Stratford Park, Pheasant Creek and Park Pointe.

Phase 1 is complete and was funded in bond 2014B



New construction pictures of our new trails! Click on each to see a full view.



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